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When Armageddon is upon us, the only way to keep safe is to find shelter.  When three friends hide out underground and wait until the end, they decide to tell reach other tales from their past.  Tales that include murder, sex, maniacs, nymphos, sexy women and crazed men.  THE SLEAZE BOX teams up with Phil Herman (Burglar From Hell) again to bring his 1996 Shot-On-Video Cult Classic TALES TILL THE END to DVD for the first time!   Three insane tales directed and starring Herman, Barry Gaines, and Ben Stanski.  The film also features some genre favorites such as Joel D. Wynkoop (Rot, Creep, Make Them Die Sleazy) and Scream Queen Debbie D (Burglar From Hell, Kill the Scream Queen, Sickened)