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$9.99 plus s&h 



If you want a movie that is so ridiculous, so over the top and so politically incorrect then this is the film for you!  Watch Joel D. Wynkoop’s take on the slasher genre with this horror comedy.  Jenny (M. Catherine Holseybrook) and her gay friend Johnny  (Andrew Vingo) plan a weekend in the woods, but Jenny’s sex crazed and homophobic boyfriend, Aaron (Wynkoop), is asked to come along, but is not

happy with the weekend situation.  Meanwhile there is killer in the woods slashing up hot naked babes and horny dudes.  Will this maniac lurk his way to the cabin where the threesome is staying?  You will laugh and scream when viewing this insane b-movie featuring a number of Sleaze Box staple actors.  Enter the bloody woods and get ready for SLASHER WEEKEND! 

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