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In March 2020 the virus known as COVID-19 spread across the United States shutting down life as we know it. As people around the world were adjusting to the new normal, another breed that has been around for centuries would also face challenges with this new virus.  Meanwhile, a woman named Cynthia (Lixy Lestat) is on the run after stealing money from her drug lord boss.  As she makes her way towards Canada she catches the virus. She stops at a motel and gets a room for the night to rest.  While going to her room she passes out only to be saved by a mysterious woman, Willow (Sushii Xhyvette Holder) who turns out to be a vampire.   THE SLEAZE BOX and GATORBLADE FILMS present PANDEMIC THIRST!  Featuring all your favorite Sleaze Box and Gatorblade superstars plus featuring cult horror actress and star of the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP, FELISSA ROSE!

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