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$9.99 plus s&h 



Grab a beer, sit back, relax and strap yourself in, because The Sleaze Box is back with a tour-de-force of mixtape style anthology madness!  A sexy convention nerd (Tobian Thompson) returns to her hotel room and finds herself unwinding to the late night antics of horror host, Mr. Sleaze!  (Joel D. Wynkoop)  Not to be mistaken for a respectable television personality, Mr. Sleaze specializes in the entertainment equivalent to corner store narcotics.  Deranged hookers, loudmouth madmen, perverts, voyeuristic spooks!   You want it, the prophetic pastor of schlock has got your fix.  The cheap thrills may even give you a demonic case of the holy ghost!  Dare to watch MAKE THEM DIE SLEAZY, a swift kick to the shriveled nards of Hollywood!

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