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$14.99 plus s&h


KILL-CAM (2022)

Samantha Styles, (Katie McKinley) a former model and porn actress is a serial killer that records or photographers her victims as she kills them or after.  Years ago she was a young hot model and grew into an amazing photographer and modern art artist and was on her way but it didn’t happen. She was kept down by the male dominated world of her field who just wanted her to just stay a pretty model and sleep around with any man in power. She also had a very dark past and disturbing childhood.  She was molested by her grandfather (Bob Glazier) at a very young age.  He would often torment and tease her with a freaky ventriloquist dummy, Willie.  She still has the dummy, Willie to this day and often talks to it.  This trauma made the evil inside of her come out. As far as her victims go she picks people that are not missed like the homeless and prostitutes.  But as her thirst for killing grows she wants to target those that hurt her, which might not be that easy. There’s a former sleazy agent Larry Lang (Anthony Wayne) and her former lesbian lover Michelle (Cayt Feinics) who both wronged her that she love revenge on. Samantha also has an obsession with a top model/actress Pamela Keaton (Xhyvette "Sushii" Holder) who she follows on social media.  She would love to meet her and loves everything that she does.  One day while following the model she notices that she posted an old photo of Samantha back from her modeling days and says how she is a big fan of hers and wish she knew what she was up to now. This excites Samantha and is now determined more than ever to get in contact with Pamela in the hopes to photograph her.  But of course she has an evil intent.

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