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Jonathan “Oz” Oswald (Eigh8t The Chosen One) is an ex-con, a recovery drug addict and a former member of a white supremacy group who is trying to turn his life around for the better. He gets guidance from his mental health counselor, Lewis Jones (Nico Hicks), who is black. He also befriends a young woman, Sasha Peron (Daniela Salazar), who is also a client of Lewis’ and she is Latino. Things start to get complicated when Jonathan’s father, “Big Oz” (Bob Glazier), a former leader of a white supremacy group and crime lord, gets released from prison after being inside for twenty years. Jonathan takes his father in who is battling with mental health issues as well and tries to convince his son to go back to a life of crime and help him plot a mass shooting at a concert. At first Jonathan refuses, but as things start to fall apart for him in his life, he feels everyone else is against him and he starts to listen to his father and helps him with his plan.

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