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Lurking in the shadows, a killer is on the loose strangling girls from the escort service Tasty Chicks.  A drifter, James (Eigh8t The Chosen One), is taken by a hooker, Camille (“Sushii” Xhyvette Holder) and the Madame of the house, Eve (Ashley Lynn Caputo) hires James to protect them from the killer before they lock their strangle hold again, but James soon realizes there is another threat out there and discovers these escorts bite back.   THE SLEAZE BOX and GATORBLADE FILMS release the third installment of the franchise,but this time there adding a new twist with a brand new tale of terror, but with the same sex, gore and sleaze that the other Death-scort films always bring to the table.  Featuring many of your favorite Sleaze Box superstars such as Bob Glazier, Cayt Feinics, Joe Makowski, Joel D. Wynkoop and Krystal “Pixie” Adams.  Get ready for TASTE ME: DEATH-SCORT SERVICE PART 3.

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