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$19.99 plus s&h


CHAOS A.D.  (2016)

On Halloween night, an abused housewife (Ashley Lynn Caputo) with a deadly secret, a horney politician (David A. Jackson), and a brother and sister (Lisa Marie Kart and Eric Danger Dionne) with an abusive father are all kidnapped or lured into a filthy scummy lair by a group of vicious psychopaths, mostly made up of women, hell bent on torturing and killing them.  Led by the malicious Bytch (Cayt Feinics) and her twisted girl-toy Vixen (Amanda Welch), along with the savaged Uncle Lester (Bob Glazier), the cannibalistic Lilith (Paula Tsurara) and the giantess Misery (Saharra Huxly), this murderous gang cages, rapes, degrades, tortures and kills everything in their path.  THE SLEAZE BOX, the studio that brought you AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST and DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, brings you another sick, demented, horrifying film that will shock you to the core!  Welcome to CHAOS A.D.

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