The HCC Ybor City Film Festival
The HCC Ybor Film Festival was a week long showcase of some of the best films in the bay area. On Thursday, March 18th, 2004, films were being shown at Studio 1515 Coffeehouse by Paul and Pete Guzzo. The films that were shown were ICON's own "To Live Is To Die" (Along with the "POP" trailer) Other Side Cinema's "Night Demons" by Vito Trabucco, Shelby McIntyre, and Mark Terry, Too Production's "Life Is A Circus" by Pete and Paul Guzzo, and Andrew Allen's "Sunshinola". There was an awesome crowd at the coffeehouse and all the films got a great reaction. We want to thank everyone you attended and you helped make that night possible. Here's some pics from that night.
Filmmakers at large! From the left; Chris Woods, Pete Guzzo, Paul Guzzo, and Simon Lynx.
Chris Woods and Tiffany Richie, star of ICON's future film "POP".
Chris and John Casimiro, producer of the new show "Scream @ The Wall" on Public Access.
Hanging out in Ybor City! Vito Trabucco, Woods, Shelby McIntyre, and actor Jereme Badger.

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