Coffeehouse Film Review at Studio 1515 Coffee House in Ybor City, May 13, 2004

Icon's "Broken Tomorrow" premiered on Thursday night, May 13th. The short film got a great response from the crowd. Here are some pics from that night.

(Pictures courtesy of Nolan Canova.)

The ICON boys and Danky Groove. From left, Simon Lynx, D.G.'s Rob Bennett (vocalist/drummer), Chris Woods, & D.G.'s Jason Cremasco (bassist).
Filmmaker, Joel Wynkoop, Rick Danford, and Crazed Fanboy's Nolan Canova.
In the center, Rykar Films, Joe DiCanio with his friends, on the right, Mesh Silva, and on the left, Rebbeca Austin.
Brian Elis sits with his long time friend Woods for the showing of ICON's film "Broken Tomorrow".
Actor, Gus Perez sitting with Joel D. Wynkoop.
Producer of Tampa's public access show "It's My Show", Robyn Rose with her daughter Emel.
Woods and Lynx attend another Coffeehouse Film Review night at Studio 1515. This is the third time ICON has played at the coffeehouse.
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