Coffeehouse Film Review at Studio 1515 Coffee House in Ybor City, February 10th, 2005

(Photos courtesy of Nolan Canova and Simon Lynx)

The two big stars from Sever, Natali Ragan and Jereme Badger.
The cast and crew of Sever. From left; Chris Woods, actors: John and Karen Ezell, and Simon Lynx.
Simon, friend Craig Leitschuh, Chris, and friend and musician Zach Short.
Chris talks to Natali's husband Mike.
Natali and friend smile for a picture.
Jereme and Nolan Canova of
Simon, actress, singer, To Live Is To Die's Pati White, and Chris.
USF's Rodrick Colbert and Jorge Gimenez and friend talk about film stuff.
Simon and Chris talk about their next project to Nolan.
Natali looks through some of the art that they have at Romeo's Studio 1515.
Rodrick and Craig talk computer talk.
Simon, Pati, and Nolan hanging out at the coffeehouse.
Nolan gets to the point on an exciting story that he's telling.
Chris (making a weird face) with Tara and Angus Barrs, actors in Sever, and Simon Lynx.
Simon and Pati pose for a picture.
Zach, Simon, and Craig chat while Rodrick and owner of Studio 1515, Walter Romeo talk about the coffeehouse.
It must be getting late when Jorge eyes start to glow.
Natali and friend talk about her new film Sever.
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