"To Live Is To Die" Screening at Studio 1515 Coffee House in Ybor City, January 8, 2004
Filmmakers attend Studio 1515 showing of "To Live Is To Die" and a sneak peek at "POP"!
Nolan Canova (center) with brothers Pete (left) and Paul (right) Guzzo. The Guzzo brothers put on the little film fest at the coffee house.
Andy, Craig, Chris, & Eddie hanging out at 1515.
Steve Barton and Simon Lynx with the 'stank eye'!
Filmmakers - Andy Lalino, Andrew Allen, & Eddie Sturgeon.
ICON friends Scott Maiden and Craig Leitschuh.
Thumbs Up to this fest! Jereme Badger on left.
Watching a night of independent films.
Chris Woods and Sound God Eddie Sturgeon.
Choke hold on Nolan! Jorge Gimenez laughs on.
ICON would like to thank Pete and Paul Guzzo of Too Productions for setting up this screening for local independent films. They'll have a showing of indy films every second Thursday of each month at Studio 1515, a coffee house in Ybor City located at 1515 7th Ave. The films start around 8pm. And special thanks to Jereme Badger, who helped set us up with the Guzzo Brothers and this event. Also we would like to thank Walter Romeo and family for providing the space in their coffee shop for the screenings. Also, a special thanks to Simon Lynx and Nolan Canova for taking the photos that you see above. And click here to check out Nolan's reveiw of the night and also Andy Lalino's review, click here. And we'd like to thank everyone that came out to Ybor to see "To Live Is To Die" and a special preview to "POP" and a bonus showing of our short film "Remembrance". ICON will be showing more short films next month. Once again thank you to everyone that supports ICON and our films. See you at the next event in February.
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