Two out of three members of Other Side Cinema, Vito Trabucco and Mark Terry are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. On to Hollywood! The other member of the group, Shelby McIntyre, will still be here with us on the east coast helping out in the film scene. We wish them the best of luck. ICON's Lynx and Woods got to hang out with Vito and Shelby McIntyre (Mark Terry couldn't join us due to work.) Here are some pics from that night.
A closer look at Vito, Simon, and Chris.
Two directors sharing a thought.
Waiting for their picture to be taken.
Relieved it's over.
Vito and The Wood give a hard stare.
Vito - tough. Simon - surprised. Chris - confident.
Mark Terry hanging with Vito and CFB's Nolan.
Mark, Shelby McIntyre, and actor Joe Makowski.
Check out their web site: Other Side Cinema.

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