Luis Matos is the newest member to the ICON family. Actually he's been a part of ICON Film Studios before it was even started. Luis met Chris Woods at The University of Tampa in 1995, and the two shared classes together. Soon, they were working on film projects with one another. Matos worked on Woods' "Creeping Death" series at UT, acting in a few episodes such as "Nighttime" and directing and working behind the scenes in others.

In 1997, Matos worked on several short films including the award winning film "Shadow of a Victim". This is also the first time that Matos worked with Simon Lynx. In '98 Luis then assisted directed on Woods' award winning movie, "Chameleon". He also had a memorable role as one of the first victims of the creature as The Bum. Later that year, Luis directed an award winning short film, "Honey, I'm Home!" Soon after that, Matos graduated from UT and went back home to New York.

Now, Luis is still in New York, but he is busy away writing many screenplays. He is currently working on four scripts, "Angel on the 4", "Test Subject #1", "Other Side", and "Lost Honor". He is also helping write the screenplay for "POP", and in the near future he'll be co-writing many of ICON's scripts. We also hope to see some of his early work resurface at many local film festivals and events. Look back here soon for more updates on Luis Matos.


Mr. Matos hard at work on another story.
Matos shows off a painting.
Luis in NYC is a an impact player in ICON.
Luis Matos in Creeping Death's "Nighttime".
Matos in "Shadow of a Victim".
Luis smiles for the camera as he writes another master piece.
A shot from Andrew Ross' "The Trust".
Profile of Luis in "Chameleon".

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