Rockin' at The Halloween Fest!
J.C. and Simon look over for a picture. (Courtesy of Photography Services)
Posing for a picture with Dr. Paul Bearer II and Nolan.
Smile for the camera. (Courtesy of Photography Services)
Chris, Andy, M.C. John Biebrich, & Simon. (Courtesy of Photography Services)
One of the star of ICON's new film "Sever" Natali Regan.
Stepping up for the festival.
Icon boys happy with the fest.
"Hey can I buy your DVD?"
ICON 4-Life!
The Hocus Focus Group and in the back Filmmaker Joel Wynkoop. (Courtesy of Photography Services)
The Halloween Horror Picture Show was held at The USF Campus on October 30th 2004. ICON played their film "Chameleon" along with 15 other films. All the ticket sales went to The Hurricane Relief Fund. Chris Woods and Simon Lynx would like to thank all the fans for coming out and supporting the Indy Film Scene in Tampa Bay. We also would like to thank Andy Lalino, Rick Danford, and USF's Rodrick Colbert for making the film fest possible. We saw many familiar faces and met some new ones. ICON's friends and supports, Jorge Gimenez, Shelby McIntyre, Natali Ragan, Dave Novitsky, and J.C. Taylor. We saw our filmmaker friends, Lalino, Danford, Greg Rivera, Joel Wynkoop, Eddie Sturgeon, Kerry Hogan, plus Nolan Canova, John Casimiro, Aris, Rodrick. Also some new faces like, Jason Laquori, Chanel Bagwell, Hollie Winnard, Krista Grotte, John Biebrich, JJ, and Dr. Paul Bearer II. And a special thanks to Jorge for taking some of the pictures you see here. ( We hope to see you next year. Thank you!

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